Content, copywriting & AI proofreading by native English writers

Take advantage of experienced native English copywriters located in Central Europe and our experience of helping Polish and other European businesses expand into the global market.

Content writing

Quality content is crucial to build trust between your brand and your audience. Have your blog articles, website copy or social media content drafted by writers using exact language to help you gather leads and customers.

Proofreading AI copy

AI content writing is great – AI content writing and a native proofread is even better. Tell us your brand’s voice and values, and we’ll find and fix any potential errors and cultural nuances and fine-tune the messaging for better communication with your audience.

Copywriting services

Professional copywriting and content creation for landing pages, blog posts, marketing funnels, PPC advertisements, and lead nurturing – technical or simplified. Your website content will be crisp, clear and written for your target audience, and in line with your business’s tone of voice and branding.


Have your content written so Google and other search engines see it as the most valuable in your industry, therefore placing your business among the top results on search engines. We create written content for all marketing funnel stages – lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, onboarding and retention.

Joseph & Conrad: Who We Are

Joseph Conrad was a Polish-British writer and regarded as one of the greatest novelists to ever write in English.

While we’re not Poles like Joseph, we use English as well as he did.

We are a group of professional writers from Britain, Australia and Canada. Being brought up and educated in these cultures makes us the best team to create your content and help take it to the world.

With their impeccable command of the English language, our talented professionals create copy that not only resonates with your target audience but also captures the essence of your brand’s voice. From engaging website content to compelling marketing materials, our team delivers superior quality that elevates your business to new heights.

Experience the confidence that comes with partnering with the best.

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Why us?



Rewriting your website copy surpasses a mere translation by adapting content to cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and preferences. It ensures better engagement, connection, and effectiveness in reaching the target audience, leading to a better image and business success.



Not just native speakers, but native writers with over 5 years working with Polish companies. Get the same quality that comes out of London or New York, but pay in zł, not the big $


Polish knowledge

Having worked with Polish entrepreneurs of all English skill levels, we know what you mean even if you can’t explain it properly.



There’s speaking, but then there’s writing. We not only speak the language, but know how to use it to engage a reader. Being from the markets that your brand is targeting, we know how to talk to them.

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Past clients


Iwo Szapar


The JC team were a great help at making our content consumable by a global audience. Phil and his team created content that’s interesting and appeals to our readers.

-Iwo, RemoteHow


Aleksandra Sobera

The Heart

Working with the JC team is a smooth, efficient process. They’re quick to respond, have a keen eye for detail and are a great assets to the quality of our marketing department.

-Aleksandra, The Heart


Dariusz Sobczyk


Working with Joseph & Conrad was nothing but a pleasure. They’re insightful, address our needs perfectly and are on time with their delivery. Most importantly, they know how to craft quality content. I definitely want to continue working with Phil and the team on all future projects.

-Dariusz, Finibit

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Mikołaj Czajkowski

Move Closer

The JC team consistently find ways to squeeze extra value out of our content ideas. They’re able to take our marketing campaigns and shape the ideal content and present it in a way that’s accessible for a global audience.

– Mikołaj, Move Closer

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