Not just native English speakers but native writers with a proven track record in online media, SEO and publishing. You can expect to receive a level of quality rivalling anything coming out of London or New York – but without paying the big $ £.


Choose to have your content written/edited in technical English for industry peers or more accessible English for non-native speakers. Tech, academic, blogs, product descriptions or print, we cover it all.


There’s speaking and writing, and then there’s talking. We not only speak the language; we know how to talk and engage with your target audience. Why? Chances are we share the same cultural background as your prospective customer or investor.


Your service experience doesn’t end after delivery. Your content will be proofed and edited by multiple writers over the whole review process – even after publishing.

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Professional blog articles or e-books, web pages or product descriptions, technical or chatty, your copy will be crisp, clear and error-free, as well as grab the attention of your potential customer/investor.

Content & SEO

Engage, Rank and Convert. Build on your brand and message through compelling, original content. Improve your site ranking with keyphrase-rich copy. Turn your reader/browser into a prospective customer/investor!


Let’s face it, grammatical errors and sloppy syntax can limit or corrupt your message and turn your target audience away. Have your work lightly edited for grammar and spelling errors or opt for the Full English for smooth, native-English prose.


Present a professional and international image with a total English make-over. This means editing your existing English content, from web pages and email templates to marketing material and instruction manuals.

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The Polish Experiment

Writing in a language other than your mother tongue is tough. As a matter of fact, it’s tough to write engaging copy in any language. As a sign of solidarity, we’ve decided to step into your shoes by conducting a little experiment. We’ve committed ourselves to write the odd blog article … in Polish. That’s […]

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